Sunday, October 28, 2012

America's Current Civil War

I had a revelation that others likely also have come into, that the United States really is in a civil war right now. That regardless of who wins the election, the country is bitterly divided and is at the tipping point. In the 1800's, civil war broke out in the physical sense primarily because one faction of the country said, "We will no longer submit to the rule that has formerly been in place." One of the key components of their rebellion was the insistence on being allowed to operate in the business of slavery. 

Today, a growing faction of Americans are saying, "How dare anyone tell us we must submit to a Higher Authority. We won't even regard the higher law and uniform code of morality that has kept order in civilizations for centuries. We're going to continue in doing what we want, whenever we want." And the outcome is again slavery. Except this time, it is they themselves that are unwittingly insisting upon their own bondage. 

May we as the church awake to the gravity and depravity of our day, and step into our designated regiments to take up all the spiritual arms in our arsenal - love, righteousness, faith-infused prayer, worship, and truth (speaking it without fear of being labeled a hater or judgmental, because it's guaranteed to happen). Unless we realize and begin to act out of our place of God-given authority, we have no future in this nation.

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